First secret to land your dream job

Our new monthly chatter

Hello Everyone!

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I realized as our community grows it will be difficult to keep pace with everyone, so I’m starting this new open channel for us to stay connected by way of some stories, secrets and insights on what’s going on in the tech world and how to build a career that you really want.

I’ll keep it short, simple, once a month and promise to not sell anything

I wanted to start this with a little secret to land your dream job

Knowing what you want, knowing what you don’t want, expressing it clearly and lovingly without any attachment to the outcome

Just get specific on what does an ideal job look like to you. Envision it and write it down. Doing this can help spark new ideas about what you might want to do, and where to look for it

I and my team is committed to help each one of your transform your careers by either landing a job abroad, finding a full-time remote gig, talking to a mentor or getting inspired with community support to constantly upskill yourselves

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